How Important is Curb Appeal?

It is true that first impressions do matter, especially when listing your home.

Really you don't want to give your potential buyers any reason to see your home in a negative light. This includes the outside.

Sometimes the neighbourhood and front lawn is the only thing people see before they choose whether they want to book an appointment to see the inside.

Buyers will often do a drive by of a new listing to feel it out, before they call their agent to see it. That means your curb appeal plays a very important part in attracting potential buyers.

That doesn't mean it has to have expensive landscaping done. However, keeping the grass trimmed, clearing any garbage or clutter, and even giving the siding a good power wash can go a long way. If the outside doesn't look well maintained, people will often assume the inside will be same. And, many buyers have trouble overlooking the fact that a home was not well cared for, and may have other issues associated with it.

Houses for sale are not just seen as a frame with windows, brick or siding. They are a vision of a future that buyers wish to have. Which is why the neighbourhood also plays such a big part in the decision. You're not just selling your property, but also the location.

A fresh perspective from a real estate agent can give you an honest assessment on your home, and can help position your listing in a way to attract the most target buyers.

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