My Neighbourhoods 

No one can deny the dramatic shift in real estate in the last few years. Young adults, working professionals, and downsizers from Toronto and the surrounding area have made the move to our industrial city.
Why would they move here? Well, not only because the prices of homes, which more reasonable but also because they are realizing that Hamilton has so much more to offer than they initially thought. 
This not so small community is only a 10-minute drive to Hamilton, which is not a whole lot to add if you’re looking for a place that offers some interruption from the busier city life. Situated on the Grand River, with a quaint downtown, and lots of parks and an outdoor pool and splash pad for the kids.
Many drive through these hamlets as they make their way to the beaches and camp grounds, sometimes stopping over for a bite to eat at one of the family-owned restaurants. However, they are attracting many new home buyers who can move a little further away from the GTA. As a result, attracting many new home builders as well.